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LegalMD Risk Management Services for Medical Centers & Hospitals

    Base Services (Mandatory):

  • Medico legal* support from one of India top medico legal expert (MD, medicine & LLM, Law) for any medical negligence support (consumer forum, Courts, MCI, etc.).
  • Customized Professional Indemnity (PI) Policy*^ as a bundled offer from India‚Äôs top 2 insurance companies for LegalMD members. This is a new age PI policy with world-class inclusions at lowest rates in India.
  • Preventive Medico legal support includes regular Medico Legal SMS tips, Email Newsletters, Medico legal talk sessions.

    Add-on Services (Optional):

  • Compliance of Documents* this includes vetting of centers existing documents that includes prescription forms, consent forms, investigative report formats by a legal firm that specializes in compliance of documents.
  • Crisis Support* is offered by our partnered PR agency that specializes in health care. Member centers are offered one day support in case any medical negligence issue gets highlighted in media.
  • Other Legal Support* is a subsidized offer for civil/criminal issue support package as defined below.
    • Drafting & issuance of one legal notice or one reply to a legal notice.
    • Providing one written legal opinion on subject pertaining to any field being serviced by the law firm.
    • Vetting or drafting of one commercial agreement.
    • Drafting & filing of one application for the registration of one Intellectual Property Right (IPR).
Professional Indemnity (PI) policy cover amount
Center Category *
( Diagnostic Lab-Radiology )
Non Medical Staff Coverage Yes    No
Radio Active Coverage Yes    No
World Wide coverage Juridiction (including US/Canada)    Rest of the World (excluding US & Canada)    No
Compliance of Documents upto 10 documents    Additional 10 documents    No
Crisis Support Yes    No
Other Legal Support Yes    No
Center staff details*
Number of employeed Doctors
Number of on call Doctors
Number of visiting Doctors
Number of paramedic staff
Number of panel Doctors
Number of non medical staff
Other details *
Total No. of OPD (Per day)
Total No. of IPD (Per day)
Annual turnover of center (per annum) in Rs/INR
Number of Beds
Medical facilities at center
(Only for Information)
LegalMD Risk Management fee for one year
GST @ %
Total Risk Management fee payable in INR
* All these services are offered on call/line as a bundled offer, legal or other teams will not be visiting your office/premises at any time. Any personal visit by any of the teams will be chargeable on per hour basis along with travel, stay & other incidental expenses.

T&C's apply as displayed on website

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