Application Form


  • Facilitate the resolution of any Patient issue before it goes Legal
  • Expert Medico Legal Team to handle Medico Legal Cases
  • Medico Legal Compliance & Audit of Critical Documents (Maximum up to 5 documents)
  • Customized Professional Indemnity Cover (as a bundled offering)or upto 10% of total PI coverage
  • Includes One Lac BIPD Policy Cover for 3rd Party (Valid for Doctors practicing at their own Clinic)
  • One day PR crisis (arising due to Medico Legal issue)
  • Medico Negligence Training for Members
  • Updates on latest Trends, Rulings and Cases

Cost for LegalMD's Annual Membership for Individual doctor/Proprietor Clinic/OPD :

Group Type Individual Doctor Type
Group A Physicians/Dentists (Graduate Doctors)
Group B Specialists/Super Specialists (Post Graduate Doctors) All non-surgeons
Group C Surgeons.
Group D Plastic Surgeons/Cosmetologists/Anaesthetists
Amount of Professional Indemnity Coverage
Coverage of Unqualified Staff * Yes    No
Coverage of Radio Active Equipments ** Yes    No
Worldwide Juridiction (including US/Canada)    (excluding US/Canada)    No
Other Legel(Civil/Criminal)Support Package Yes    No
Total LegalMD Fee & insurance Premium
GST @ %
Net Amount Payable


  • Coverage of International patients worldwide including US/Canada
  • Coverage of unqualified staff(Nurses, Technicians, Paramedics, Attendants)
  • Coverage of Radioactive equipments(X-ray, CT Scanner, Nuclear Medicine for diagnostic procedure)
  • One Lac BIPD (Bodily Injury and Property Damage) Policy Cover for 3rd Party

* Net Amount to be paid is inclusive of fee for Annual Membership for LegalMD Risk Management Services, Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover, One Lac BIPD Policy Cover for 3rd Party